Six months after its insolvency on May 27, Hannover-based hard rock record label SPV GmbH is back, in partnership with Sony Music.

The trustee of insolvency, lawyer Manuel Sack confirmed that SPV started a new future with its remaining assets. According to Sack, under the partnership venture agreement with Sony Music Entertainment, Sony will exploit SPV's rights initially for large acts such as Motörhead, Steamhammer, Halloween and some selected parts of the catalog in the GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) territories.

"SPV's reputation with record buyers has not suffered and the company will continue to play a significant role in the market as an independent," said Sack. "With its own administrative structure, SPV GmbH will be engaged in the global exploitation of its existing catalog which currently comprises more than 1,500 catalog numbers."

Reporting to Manuel Sack, Frank Uhle is responsible for the operational management of SPV GmbH. Uhle said that for him the export business is particularly important.

"It remains one of SPV's mainstays," said Uhle. "We still have enough high-quality releases to remain at the top of the hotly contested market for independents. We have learned our lesson and are convinced that our team will soon have in SPV a force to be reckoned with which is capable of navigating the treacherous waters of our industry. At the same time, we will not be deterred by rough seas."

Frank Uhle joined SPV in summer 2005 and was responsible for product management and exports.

Sven Gerke is responsible for sales and marketing in Germany and Austria and reports to Uhle. He joined SPV in 2002, where he was initially responsible for sales marketing. In 2009, Gerke was appointed sales and marketing manager at SPV.