Universal Music France has announced that the upcoming album by hip-hop act Sinik, "Ballon d'Or," will include images giving access to 'augmented reality' features.

The booklet for the album, released Nov. 30, features images that, when placed in front of a computer webcam, launch the augmented reality videos on the image on the computer screen.

Videos Billboard.biz could see during the world premiere in Paris simply show Sinik singing. The CD itself also features an augmented reality image, which launches remixing tools on the computer using object recognition. New features will be regularly added, Universal says.

"This is a great tool to enhance the relationship with fans," Mercury managing director Olivier Nusse tells Billboard.biz. Nusse praised the technology as a way to add value to the physical product, although he did not rule out the possibility to use it on digital products in the future.

"We are only at the very beginning of what can be done with this technology," he says, giving examples such as posters or T-Shirts launching augmented reality features in concert halls.

The augmented reality technology is powered by French company Total Immersion.