Danish Telco TDC has added unlimited streaming to its all-you-can-eat download service TDC Play.

The DRM-enabled download service was launched 18 months ago, billed as the world's first unlimited music offering that was included within broadband and mobile subscribers' existing monthly tariffs.

European technology company 24-7 Entertainment, which powers the service, confirmed that is had added an unlimited streaming option that only requires a Web browser and works on Mac and PC. It has a library of 6.1 million licensed tracks.

"This was a natural progression in response to the latest market developments and growing consumer demand for streaming services", said Frank Taubert, CEO and co-founder of 24-7 Entertainment, in a statement. "We are pleased that TDC enhanced their attractive offer with our streaming component and once again, at no additional cost to the subscriber. This exciting development has further cemented TDC Play's role as a pioneer in the digital music landscape".

Jesper Theill Eriksen, senior EVP of TDC A/S and President Private and International Holdings, added: "Streaming is the future for listening to music. No more time consuming downloads and using up space on your hard disk trying to store all your music. From now on you just pick the music on TDC Play or YouSee Play and start listening right away."