Sony Music Entertainment Denmark's 2008 acquisition Kick Music will no longer be a front line label, the major has announced.

Sony Music finance director-general manager Søren Kristensen says Kick will continue as a label releasing music by artists already on the roster. Activities to find new projects will be trimmed, while Sony plans to maintain some of the international deals made through Kick.

Kick label manager Michael Quvang will leave the company. Sony acquired Kick from Quvang in 2008 and assumed distribution, promotion and marketing responsibilities. He was the only Kick employee to join the new owners at the time.

"Sony will keep the Kick label, but it will hibernate a bit, but of course we will still sell music by artists currently on the Kick label," said Kristensen.

Quvang co-founded Kick in 1990 and the release "Der er Noget Galt in Danmark" by John Mogensen became a major seller. In the years that followed, Kick distributed international names such as Michael McDonald, Gogol Bordello, Joan Baez, Eva Cassidy and domestic artists such as Ida Coor and Mike Tramp.