U.K. broadcaster ITV says it has no plans to reschedule "The X Factor" talent show after Simon Cowell's U.S. deal created a potential clash with the stateside edition.

On Monday (Jan. 11) Cowell confirmed his departure from "American Idol" and a deal with Fox to launch "The X Factor" in the U.S. in the fall in 2011. He will be a judge on the show, a role he has always held on the British version.

Cowell reportedly intends to continue with the U.K. edition but that show also runs every year from the fall until the final in Christmas, leading to speculation that the British edition would have to move in the schedules.

However, the show has been a ratings success for ITV at the end of the year since its launch in 2004. It has also helped to deliver strong sales in Q4 from the winner, and star guests on the show including former contestants.

"We are absolutely planning for the X Factor to return this [fall] and next," ITV said in a statement.

ITV said Cowell would continue with "both his on-screen and production role" on the British version of "The X Factor," although it did not explain how he could take part in both shows either side of the Atlantic.

The Sun reports today (Jan. 13) that Cowell is poised to sign a new deal with ITV for "The X Factor" and "Britain's Got Talent." The tabloid says he would be paid £6 million ($9.8 million) - reportedly a cut from his previous £6.7 million ($10.9 million), although the deal would involve an extra £3 million ($4.9 million) for "The X Factor" production budget.