Lady Gaga keeps the No. 1 spot on Billboard's European Albums chart with "The Fame" (Interscope/Universal), while labelmate Black Eyed Peas moves 2-1 on Hot 100 Singles with "Meet Me Halfway."

"The Fame," which has its sales combined with those of Gaga's "The Fame Monster" EP in certain territories, continues at No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland and No. 2 in France. Where it's listed separately, the EP climbs 7-4 in Hungary and holds at No. 2 in Poland and No. 4 in Denmark, and jumps 21-15 on the aggregate European listing.

Black Eyed Peas is steady at No. 2 overall with "The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)." In its 32nd chart week, it's still No. 1 in France, up 6-1 in Poland, 2-1 in Portugal and the Belgian region of Wallony and 4-3 in Switzerland.

The highest new entry of the pan-European album sales week, at No. 3, belongs to Vampire Weekend's sophomore release "Contra" (XL Recordings). That's after a No. 3 debut in the United Kingdom, on sales of 42,000, a six-fold interest on the first-week total there for its self-titled 2008 predecessor. It's also in at No. 4 in Ireland.

Susan Boyle is down 3-4 on the composite chart with "I Dreamed A Dream" (Syco Music/Sony Music Entertainment), falling 1-2 in Holland but climbing 6-5 in Switzerland. Alicia Keys' "The Element of Freedom" (J/Sony Music Entertainment) reaches another new peak on European Albums, climbing 6-5 after improving 11-7 in the United Kingdom. It slips 3-4 in Switzerland.

Robbie Williams falls 5-6 Europe-wide with "Reality Killed The Video Star" (Virgin/EMI), although it's steady at No. 3 in Denmark and climbs 5-4 in Holland. Florence + the Machine's hard-earned climb to the top of the U.K. chart, 2-1 in its 28th week on total sales of 611,000, aids a 10-7 jump on European Albums. It's also up 5-2 in Ireland. The album spent its first five weeks on the U.K. bestsellers at No. 2 last July and August, held off the top by Epic/Sony Music Entertainment's "The Essential Michael Jackson."

Michael Buble dips 4-8 with "Crazy Love" (Reprise/Warner Music), despite a 6-3 climb in Holland, while Muse's "The Resistance" (Helium 3/Warner Music) falls 8-9 after descending 10-15 in the United Kingdom but improving 4-3 in another of the band's many European strongholds, France. Completing the European Albums top 10, Paolo Nutini's "Sunny Side Up" (Atlantic/Warner Music) is down 7-10 overall, holding at No. 1 in Ireland but falling 1-2 in the United Kingdom.

With Billboard's weekly European charts catching up from the holiday period, "Meet Me Halfway" landed at No. 2 in finished data on Hot 100 Singles last week, not No. 1 as initially reported here, but now does climb back to the summit, replacing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" which dips to No. 2 as Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" (RCA/Sony Music Entertainment) climbs 8-3.