IODA has signed a deal with leading Chinese digital music distribution company R2G which will give mobile phone users in China access to the content aggregator's catalog of independent music.

According to the terms of the deal, announced today (Jan. 25) at MIDEM, R2G's client companies the telecoms China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom will service IODA's catalog of more than two million tracks to their combined 700 million mobile users across China as ringtones, caller ringback tones, mastertones and full tracks.

Commenting on the deal, R2G VP Mathew Daniel said in a statement: "As more Chinese consumers listen to international music, it is important that we provide easy access to a wide variety of the music they like in both internet download and mobile formats. IODA has an extensive catalog that will feed the growing interests of consumers across multiple genres."

Kevin Arnold, founder and CEO of IODA, added in a statement: "Despite the ebbs and flows of its evolution and growth, we are convinced of the potential of the Chinese music market and the enthusiasm of Chinese music fans."

He continued: "This new expansion of our partnership with R2G to make IODA's catalog available to the mobile market is a sign of forward momentum and opportunity."

Although China's music industry has historically been beset with problems concerning rampant piracy and copyright infringment, Beijing-based digital distribution service R2G has won praise from labels for its efforts to establish a legitimate music service in the county.

Its own music subscription service, using music licensed from IODA, was launched in 2008 (, Aug. 1, 2008); R2G also works a strategic partner to collecting societies the Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC) and China AudioVideo Copyright Association (CAVCA).