As part of the conference's MIDEMNet digital music focused events, a new company pitch session featured 15 of such hopefuls, hosted by TopSpin CEO Ian Rogers. Each had five minutes to present details on what they did. The MusicAlly blog was there and provides a summary of each company here. Among the more interesting:

- Awdio: A service that streams music played at clubs live. It's working on an archive system and an iPhone app as well. Both ad-supported and premium subscription.

- BandMetrics: Tracks artists' online buzz, listener traffic and fan demographics. In public beta now.

- GoMix: A music remixing service that has more than 100,000 active users today. Focuses on partnering with brands and artists to make the remix part of an advertising campaign, such as that between Burger King and Flo Rida.

- Songkick: Scans users iTunes and issues alerts when artists in the users' library are touring nearby. Sold $3 million in tickets last year. Also lets fans upload photos, setlists, reviews, etc. after each show.

- TuneWiki: Addresses the lack of lyrics being included in digital downloads with an app that displays lyrics in real time for music played on the iPhone. All licensed and legal. Five million downloads to date on all smartphone platforms.