The Recording Industry Assn. of Japan (RIAJ) released figures for physical music market production in Japan for the first quarter of 2010 showing the market down 10% by volume and 16% by value.

International repertoire continued its slide, dropping a whopping 30% in value.

Total audio production was 49.1 million units, down 10% from the same quarter in 2009, for a value of 54.3 billion yen ($581 million), down 16% compared to a year earlier.

Physical shipments for international repertoire were 8.9 million audio units, down 18% compared with the same quarter in 2009. Production in terms of total value was 9.1 billion yen ($99 million) down 30% compared to a year earlier.

International repertoire had 18% of total production, down from 20% in the same quarter last year.

As previously reported (Billboard, Feb. 20), the RIAJ said physical shipments fell 13% last year to 214.3 million units, following a 7% decline in 2008, while trade values slumped 16% year on year to 249.6 billion yen ($2.7 billion), compared with an 11% fall in the prior year.