That Twitter bug that caused so much havoc yesterday (May 10) was apparently caused by a Turkish fan of the German heavy metal band Accept.

According to Gizmodo, the fan sent the otherwise innocuous message "Accept pwnz" (Internet speak for what roughly translates to "Accept rules"), and that's when things went south. Rather than the tweet going through, the result was that another Twitter user with the handle "pwnz" was added to the fan's list of followers automatically.

The fan had discovered a bug that would force any Twitter user to follow his account by simply typing in the word "Accept" followed by a Twitter username.

After Gizmodo posted the exploit, several other outlets picked it up, and chaos ensued. To fix the problem, Twitter had to reset every users follower count to zero. The exploit has been fixed, and Twitter is now working to retroactively fix all the damage that was done.

At last check of the Billboard Digital Twitter account, the followers/following counts are back where they belong.