YouTube gave itself a little pat on the back today, boasting a new milestone of 2 billion video streams per day.

The stat came as part of a 5-year anniversary post on the company's blog, noting that the number is "nearly double the prime-time audience of all three major U.S. television networks combined."

Of course watching several 30-second or so YouTube videos hardly compares to the 30-minute shows viewed on TV can't really be compared. The proper stat there would be time engaged on the platform. But whatever; 2 billion streams a day is still a nice stat.

In celebration, YouTube launched a new channel called YouTube Five Year, which features videos of people describing how YouTube has "changed or shaped their lives."

The company also created a video compiling some of the bigger hits that got the company to where it is today, including the OK Go treadmill video, the two lip synching Chinese kids, and of course Susan Boyle.