Katie Melua's "The House" (Dramatico) makes a No. 1 debut on Billboard's European Albums survey to end the five-week reign of AC/DC's "Iron Man 2" soundtrack (Columbia/Sony Music Entertainment). On Hot 100 Singles, Stromae's "Alors On Danse" (Mosaert/Vertigo) starts a sixth consecutive and tenth aggregate week at No. 1.

Singer-songwriter Melua, born in the republic of Georgia but a citizen of the United Kingdom since 2005, makes top five starts in numerous European territories with her fourth studio album. "The House" debuts at No. 1 in Switzerland and climbs 11-1 and 14-3 in the Belgian regions of Wallony and Flanders respectively. It also arrives at No. 2 in Denmark and Poland, No. 3 in Germany, Austria, Holland and Norway, No. 4 in the United Kingdom (on sales of 29,000), No. 5 in France and No. 14 in Portugal.

Melua's 2003 debut "Call Off The Search" reached No. 6 on the pan-European chart the following year. 2005's "Piece By Piece" peaked at No. 2 and "Pictures" climbed to No.1 in its fourth week on the survey in 2007. First-week U.K. sales of that set were 53,000.

The Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main St" (Polydor/Universal) holds up at No. 2 overall, where it entered the European countdown last week. It adds debuts at No. 1 in Sweden and No. 4 in Italy to last week's arrivals, but dips 1-5 in the United Kingdom, 1-4 in Norway, 2-5 in Holland, 2-8 in Spain, 3-6 in Germany and 5-10 in Denmark. The reissue is steady at No. 8 in Switzerland.

The AC/DC soundtrack falls 1-3 overall, making the same move in Sweden. But it's still on top in Austria and up 3-2 in Norway and 8-7 in Denmark. Lady Gaga is down 3-4 on European Albums with "The Fame" (Interscope/Universal), but up 5-4 in Switzerland.

32 weeks into its Europe-wide chart run, Michael Bublé's "Crazy Love" (Reprise/Warner Music) benefits from his European tour, bouncing back 32-5. The highlight is a 19-2 resurgence in the United Kingdom on new sales of 44,000. Bublé's European dates conclude tonight (Thursday) in Paris.

Lena Meyer-Landrut's "My Cassette Player" (USFO) climbs back 8-6 overall, returning 2-1 in Germany. "Satellite," the single with which the German singer won last weekend's Eurovision Song Contest, is spreading throughout Europe, climbing 21-18 on Hot 100 Singles. It's new at No. 1 in Norway, No. 2 in Denmark and No. 4 in Flanders, and up 4-3 in Austria.

Australian drum and bass act Pendulum's first U.K. No. 1 success with "Immersion" (on sales of 58,000) fuels a No. 7 debut on European Albums. In 2008, its predecessor "In Silico" started at No. 2 in the United Kingdom with sales of 34,000. Black Eyed Peas' "The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)" (Interscope/Universal) is down 6-8 across Europe, but rises 10-3 in Wallony and 11-8 in Flanders.

Berlin rapper Sido's "Sido MTV Unplugged Live" (Universal) arrives at No. 9 on the aggregate chart after opening at No. 2 in Germany and Austria and No. 7 in Switzerland. The single "Der Himmel Soll Warten," featuring Adel Tawil, is down 2-3 in Germany. Completing the pan-European top ten, Muse's "The Resistance" (Helium 3/Warner Music) is back up 14-10 in its 37th chart week, climbing 4-3 in France, 14-5 in Portugal and 66-62 in the United Kingdom.

Stromae, born in Brussels to a Belgian mother and Rwandan father, first showed on Hot 100 Singles last October, when "Alors On Danse" climbed to No. 1 in Wallony. It's now up 3-2 in Italy and Switzerland, 11-3 in Sweden and spends a fifth week atop the Danish chart.