SkyPerfect TV, Avex Entertainment and singer Kumi Koda announced that Koda's July 3 and 4 performances at Yokohama Stadium will be broadcast live in 3D on the satellite network.

The shows will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Koda performing live.

This is the first time a concert will be broadcast live in 3D in Japan. SkyPerfect, a satellite/cable carrier, has started the only 3D channel broadcasting in Japan.

At a press conference hosted by SkyPerfect, Koda, an Avex artist, commented: "I'm a singer but I'm not just a singer, I'm an entertainer. I'm always trying to think of new ways to make my shows more visually enjoyable... I do my best to express my character and I thought this would be one way to do it."

Koda added she would wear costumes that would be enhanced by the 3D effect.

Kumi Koda's greatest hits album "BEST - Third Universe - & 8th AL Universe" debuted at No. 2 on Billboard Japan Top Albums chart on Feb. 15, 2010.