British composer, musicologist and archivist David Fanshawe has died aged 68.

He was best known for his choral work "African Sanctus" and for "The Fanshawe Collections," a vast archive of recordings of traditional music from Arabia, Africa, South East Asia and the Pacific

"David's passion for the music of other cultures was never touristic, he had a deep respect for the people and cultures he engaged with and believed that the recording of their music was an act of love and admiration, which it was," said composer and broadcaster Howard Goodall in a statement.

"He will be sorely missed as a musician, friend, composer, but beyond the personal, his contribution to the preservation of now lost musical wonders of the world was a towering achievement that can never be matched or repeated. The world of music is a hugely poorer place without him."

David Fanshawe died on July 5 following a stroke.

He is survived by his wife, Jane, and their daughter Rachel, his former wife Judith Croasdell, and their children Alexander and Rebecca.