U.K. mobile phone retailer the Carphone Warehouse has partnered with U.S. digital B2B company Catch Media to launch a fully licensed "cloud"-based music service.

Entitled "Music Anywhere," the subscription service rolls out in the United Kingdom tomorrow (Aug. 3) with a catalog of over 6 million songs, including repertoire licensed from all four majors and independents. Licensing deals for authors rights are also in place with U.S. collecting societies BMI, HFA and ASCAP plus PRS for Music in the United Kingdom.

According to Carphone Warehouse, subscription revenues will be split with rights-holders according to the number of times a track has been played, on a monthly basis.

The service, which will allow U.K. consumers to access their personal music library from anywhere in the world, is set to be made available across a number of smartphone platforms, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android handsets. Consumers will also be able to access their "cloud"-based music library via PC or laptop.

The service works by consumers installing the "Music Anywhere" app to a computer, which contains their personal music library. Rather than copy individual music files directly to a mobile handset, the app then builds an identical database from the music's metadata, including playlists, which users can stream from Catch Media's servers, anywhere in the world.

Users can download the "Music Anywhere" application by subscribing to The Carphone Warehouse's "My Hub" portal at www.my-hub.co.uk or in one of the retailer's 800-plus U.K. stores. An annual subscription to the service costs £29.99 ($47), while the "Music Anywhere" app will be automatically bundled with Samsung's new Europa smartphone when purchased from the Carphone Warehouse.

Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy, which acquired 50% of the Carphone Warehouse's European and U.S. retail interests in 2008, creating Best Buy Europe, will additionally make the "Music Anywhere" service available to it's U.K. customers later in the year, according to a statement from the Carphone warehouse.

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of labels body BPI, welcomed the service, adding: "BPI strongly supports record labels' positive approach in licensing a huge range of innovative legal music services."

Scott Cohen, founder and VP Europe of content aggregator the Orchard, which has a deal with Catch Media, praised the analytical data that the service will provide labels and rights holders and assist in plotting marketing activity.

Utilizing Catch Media's 'Play Anywhere' technology, the "Music Anywhere" app contains the ability to track song playback and pinpoint the location where a certain song or artist is being played.

"We look forward to tracking where our artists' music is being played in order to help shape their marketing and tour plans," Cohen said in a statement.