Elektra Records was created in 19-year-old Jac Holzman's dorm room at St. John's College in Maryland on Oct. 10, 1950.

The first release followed in March 1951 with an album entitled "New Songs by John Gruen." The label blurb noted that Elektra "shall continue to offer disks of unusual and worthy musical fare," and sure enough it went on to release music by Judy Collins, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, Tim Buckley, Love, the Doors, and the Stooges. More recent signings include Bruno Mars, Laza Morgan, and Cee Lo Green.

Forty years after Warner Communications acquired Elektra and its spin-off classical label Nonesuch, WMG is marking the 60th anniversary of Elektra. The major has launched Elektra60.com, a website it says "tells the stories of the legendary artists, the music, and the culture that have defined the label over the past six decades."

The site was conceived and curated by Holzman, who currently serves as a senior advisor to Warner Music Group chairman and CEO, Edgar Bronfman, Jr. It includes a user-controlled timeline that traces the history of the company from its beginnings in 1950 to the present day, highlighting nearly 100 significant artists. Searchable by year and by artist, the timeline incorporates streaming audio, multiple images, video content, and historical information.

"Breaking from the valid and understandable anniversary traditions of the past, we decided to celebrate Elektra on the web, the connective community of our age," said Holzman in a statement. "This is a unique, ever-changing party to which everyone is invited and encouraged to participate."

He added: "Elektra60.com is a living, breathing site that will continue to evolve over the upcoming weeks and months, as fresh content is added and new paths revealed. We hope to inspire a sense of wonder and discovery, as the label itself has strived to do for the past six decades."

According to media reports, Holzman has also mentioned a plan to make some Elektra albums from the '60s and '70s available via iTunes for the original price at which the records were sold when first released, although this retail proposal remains to be confirmed.

The timeline was designed by the digital agency Rokkan, in conjunction with Jac Holzman and a creative team of Warner Music Group archivists and developers. There is also a partnership with the Cisco Eos social media platform.

"Becoming Elektra: The True Story Of Jac Holzman's Visionary Record Label," by British music journalist Mick Houghton, will be published by Jawbone Press next month.

Holzman will tell the story of Elektra in person at several special events in the upcoming weeks. Sixtieth anniversary merch will also be available via the site.