Sony Electronics introduced a new digital music service called Music Unlimited during a presentation at the IFA technology conference in Germany today.

The service is part of the company’s new Qriocity (pronounced “curiosity”) entertainment network, which also includes video, games and e-books. It’s a cloud-based music service that will allow streaming access to “millions” of songs. It initially will be available on Sony’s Bravia line of TVs and Blu-ray players, as well as via the PlayStation3 videogame console and Vaio computers.

However Sony did not provide any further details about the impending service, such as price, features or availability. The only information provided is that the music service will launch “later this year.” There was also no mention of access to the service from portable devices.

Rumors of the announcement began yesterday after a report from the Financial Times. Much of the press coverage positioned Sony’s music play as a “rival to iTunes” but that’s hardly a fair comparison given Apple’s dominance in the digital music space.

If anything, it’s a response to Microsoft and the Xbox 360. At the E3 conference this June, Microsoft added the ability for Zune Pass subscribers to stream their music directly through their Xbox game consoles.

But without a portable option, it’s unlikely that Sony will get much traction for a music subscription service. A full critique of Sony’s plans will have to wait until all the details are made available.