Popkomm received mixed reviews from the biz after drawing to a close on Friday (Sept. 10) evening. The organizers put out some attendance figures and said it had been a success, following the year off in 2009.

The majors were only represented with stands by Universal Music.

"The high spirits at the stands shows indicate that the new model underlying Popkomm and the new location have met with a very favorable response," said Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz, managing director of Popkomm.

A world record was also achieved: after performing for 24 hours, the German artist Samuel Harfst and his trio of the same name completed the world's longest street concert on Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 8), which is to be entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Says Jörg Evers, chairman of the Supervisory Board of GEMA: "After a break of one year, Popkomm achieved a promising comeback on the premises of the former Tempelhof airport."

Mario Rossori, managing director of Pate Records, Vienna, added: "Some key players in the business - particularly from France and the U.K. - were absent. The concert on the final day, which took place at the same time as the exhibition, was acoustically a little disruptive for business meetings."

Hille Hillekamp, managing director of the publishing company Grand H Music, Hamburg: "Only one major - that was not good for Popkomm and reflects the importance attached to this event by the companies that weren't there."

"Popkomm was not a suitable venue for closing deals," said Walter Holzbaur, owner of the publishing company Wintrup Musikverlag. "In the early years in Cologne, Popkomm was a good forum for communications and entertainment."

Patrick Strauch, managing director of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, commented: "There can be no doubt that Popkomm has not yet returned to the premiere league. However, what it did offer was good enough for the secondary league. These unattractive amateurish stands are not really what anyone needs. Either an appealing stand or none at all."

Artists such as Editors, Robyn, Peaches and LCD Soundsystem performed to an audience of 10,000 before the backdrop of the old airport at the Berlin Festival on Sept. 10. The organizers of the Berlin Music Festival reported on Monday (Sept. 13) that it had been necessary to cancel the performance by Fatboy Slim late on Friday night as a result of congestion in the entrance points.

"This decision was made by the organizers in consultation with the Berlin police authorities in order to protect visitors' safety," the organizers said in a statement. The entire performance schedule was revised in order to avoid a similar situation on Saturday.

The organizers defended their decision to alter the schedule on both Sept. 10 and Sept. 11.

"We are relieved that according to present knowledge no one was hurt or injured because of our measures," they said in a statement.