Even though there doesn't appear to have been any resumption of negotiations in Italy's on-going radio dispute, commercial networks belonging to the RNA representative body are once again playing new tracks by Italian artists affiliated to neighboring rights collecting society SCF.

As previously reported, the national commercial networks belonging to RNA stopped playing new releases by Italian acts in May. This followed the breakdown in negotiations with SCF over the renewal of the contract regarding the broadcasting rights percentages to be paid to SCF, which collects on behalf of over 90% of Italy's recording industry.

SCF, with the support of major label representative body FIMI and indie body PMI, denounced RNA's action as a "boycott."

RNA spokesperson Lorenzo Suraci, head of the RTL 102.5 network, played down the claim of an orchestrated boycott.

"As far as I can see, the Italian national networks did not interrupt their promotion of new Italian and International music, in the full liberty of their editorial and musical choices," he tells Billboard.biz. "RTL, for example has been playing the music of the Lucio Dalla and Francesco De Gregori duo, Renato Zero, Mario Biondi, Ligabue, Litfiba, Anna Oxa, Tiromancino and many others."

However, FIMI president Enzo Mazza insisted the boycott did exist and was a failure. "It's clear that the boycott did more harm to the networks than it did to the record industry," he told Billboard.biz. "It's time to return to the negotiating table."

For SCF, president Saverio Lupica commented: "We have noted that the networks have re-introduced new Italian acts into their playlists, yet such decisions should not be confused with the issue of legitimate copyright and remuneration. We are more than willing to resume negotiations with RNA in order to find a just solution to this problem."