Eamon Ryan, the Irish Minister For Communications, has pledged to hold roundtable talks on the issue of illegal file-sharing. The discussion will involve representatives from government, the Internet service providers and the music industry.

Speaking at music industry forum the Music Show, organized by Hot Press Magazine in Dublin, Ryan stated that the talks will begin before the end of October. The aim would be to reach a solution on cooperation between ISPs and the labels.

Irish labels' trade body IRMA negotiated a graduated response scheme with major ISP Eircom, after the two sides called a halt to legal proceedings in Ireland. However, the rest of the ISPs have refused to reach a similar agreement.

Sharon Corr, the Corrs' violinist who has just released her solo debut "Dream of You" via Warner Music Group, spoke from the floor and said the government needed to go further and introduce legislation, like the U.K. and France.

"I feel the government have a very laissez faire approach to the whole thing," she said. "Implementation needs to happen. A Digital Economy Act needs to be brought in to Ireland. Legislation needs to be put through and implemented."

During the panel discussion, John Reid, CEO, Warner Music Europe & vice-chairman, Warner Music International also called for a graduated response scheme in Ireland.