Three weeks after the first warning messages were sent by email to online infringers, French body HADOPI remains quiet on the process and its results.

However, has learned that rights-holders are reporting 25,000 music related copyright infringements to HADOPI every day. HADOPI was launched by the government to handle the three-strikes anti-piracy system.

French labels trade body director general David El Sayegh revealed the 25,000 figure. He added that labels were not aware of the subsequent number of warning messages sent by HADOPI to suspected copyright infringers.

The impact of HADOPI on digital sales in France remains to be seen. "It is too early," says El Sayegh, who is looking towards the end of 2010 for the first indications of how it has worked, and the end of the second half of 2011 for a more conclusive sales impact.

Under the scheme defined by the government, rights holders track online infringements and report the related IP addresses to HADOPI, which can then request the ID of the end users concerned from their Internet service provider and ultimately decide to send the user a warning message by email via the ISP.

All ISPs have agreed to send the warning messages since the start of the scheme, except for Free, which initially refused to do so it at its own expense. Free started sending the messages only after the government filed a decree on Oct. 12, stipulating that an ISP has 24 hours to send the warning message by email after HADOPI's request.

Insiders said that HADOPI might have been cautious in terms of the quantity of the initial batch of warnings sent out. There were fears that their hotline would be overloaded by people calling after having received a warning, or by people protesting at the HADOPI system. understands the hotline remained much quieter than initially feared.