Music Export Norway (MEN), the Norwegian music industry's international advocacy group, will open an office in Berlin on January 27, 2011 for the German speaking countries of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. "In Germany there is already a lot of interest in Norwegian music," said Siri Narverud Moen, head of the German office of MEN to Billboard. "We want to increase the connections between these two markets."

The opening of the MEN office on January 27th will include a concert by four artists, the Casiokids, Moddi, Susanne Sundfor and Shinig who won a competition judged by the Norwegian pop band A-ha. In 2011 the German office is planning to represent the Nordic countries at German music industry events such as Popkomm in Berlin and jazzahead! in Bremen.

MEN is working with other Nordic countries to figure out how they can best work together to promote each other's music industries. "Men is researching how to best use our common understanding, know how, and friendship to represent Nordic music and culture," says Moen. "In the UK, for example, we have joint event nights where innovative new sounds from all the Nordic countries is presented. Something like this could also work for Germany, Switzerland and Austria--but we have no fixed plans yet."