The MIDEM 2011 conference concluded today, and as usual, it was overflowing with news, products, parties and opinions. Obviously no one can catch all of the action but Billboard.biz's team certainly lost a lot of sleep trying: Check out all of our coverage (in rough chronological order) below, from this year's top startups to a report on hack day, from Vivendi's Jean Bernard Levy's call for crackdowns on piracy to young guns' claims that the industry doesn't support young artists, candid commentary from Tom Silverman and Ultra Music's Patrick Moxey, a look at the generational clash between the old and new music businesses at the conference, and a great guest post on the same theme from Songkick's Ian Hogarth. See you next year!

Photo Galleries:

MIDEM Photo Gallery III: Sleepless In Cannes @ the Carlton

MIDEM Photo Gallery II: Night Owls from Ministry of Sound, Mobile Roadie, Musicmetric, Mobile Ally, Tommy Boy And More

MIDEM Photo Gallery: A2IM Party; WMG Packer's Fan Vs. Ning Bear's Fan; Taylor Hanson

Photo Gallery: MIDEM's Scarf Craze

MIDEM One-on-Ones: Online Ticketing, The Value of Music, Western Acts In Japan

MIDEM's 2011 Startup Winners: Next Big Sound, Jammbox, Shuffler.fm

MIDEM In Transition: A Startup's Perspective, By Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth

Two Questions at a Bar With Ultra Music's Patrick Moxey @ MIDEM

simfy, German Music Streaming Service, Signs Licensing Deal For EMI's Music

Billboard Demos Sony Qriocity Music Unlimited Service @ MIDEM, iTunes Latest Challenger

Omnifone & GEMA Announce Germany Deal @ MIDEM For Sony's Qriocity

MIDEM Diary Day 3: Football, Men in Mini Skirts and Spiked Heels

Exclusive Video: Watch James Cottriall Perform At MIDEM's Fringe Lounge

MIDEM: Are Mobile Apps Monetizing the Few or the Many?

MIDEM 2011 Weekend Recap: Tom Silverman on the Collapse of Digital Catalog Sales

IODA And Sony Launch IODA Africa

A Glimpse At Future Livestreaming Services @MIDEM 2011

@MIDEM 2011: Can Hacking Save Music?

@MIDEM 2011: Sony's Qriocity Turns Up The Volume

Even at MIDEM Good Business is in the Cards

Exclusive MIDEM Video: mSpot CEO Daren Tsui Responds To Cloud Locker Licensing Controversy

Pick Your Battles & Your Market, Says Index Ventures' Saul Kelin @ MIDEM

MIDEM Diary Day 1: Somewhere Over The Atlantic

MSpot Takes a Beating at MIDEM Panel For Unlicensed Locker Service

At MIDEM 2011, Vivendi's Levy Calls For Crackdown On Piracy

Reinventing Music Biz Panel @ MIDEM Says Industry Failing Up-and-Coming Artists

Usher, Shakira and Forrester Research: The Real Rock Stars of MIDEM

Foursquare Founder at MIDEM Avoids Music Specifics, Hints At New Features

Vodafone Director @ MIDEM Claims 1 Million Paid Mobile Music Subscriptions

Generational Clash @MIDEM 2011: Can The Old Guard And The Young Guns Get Along?

MIDEM 2011 Keynotes: Lots of Discussion About What is Wrong With Digital Music, But Few Answers

MIDEM 2011: Billboard.biz Will Be All Over It!