First on SoundCloud

SoundCloud’s “First on SoundCloud” Campaign.

Courtesy of SoundCloud

As of Tuesday (June 19), SoundCloud has extended its First On SoundCloud emerging artist discovery campaign to Germany and the U.K. The European leg of the campaign will focus on the artists Claptone, Jan Blomqvist, Jay Prince, Little Simz, Lotic and Peggy Gou -- who all got their start on the streaming platform.

The campaign is based in two of SoundCloud’s most prolific cities -- Berlin and London -- and will focus on the company’s most popular genres: dance/electronic and hip-hop. SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainer said, “We are excited to expand the First on SoundCloud campaign to Europe to celebrate top emerging talent from the U.K. and Germany's dance/electronic and hip-hop communities, who began their careers on SoundCloud first. Both genres and geographies play an indispensable role in driving SoundCloud's thriving creator community today.”

The aforementioned artists will be prominently advertised on the Schlesische Strasse and Friedrichshain streets in Berlin, as well as on Ebor Street and Great Eastern Street Gallery in London. SoundCloud will also be featuring them on its app, social media and newsletters.

Any creators who upload original tracks with the hashtag #SCFIRST will be given a chance to get promoted by SoundCloud via social media, playlists, newsletters and blog posts. Using the campaign’s hashtag may also grant a creator fast track consideration for SoundCloud Premier, the company’s direct monetization program.

SoundCloud’s “First on SoundCloud” Campaign.Courtesy of SoundCloud
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