Daniel Ek

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, speaks to reporters at a news conference on May 20, 2015 in New York. 


While Tim Cook was touting subscriber numbers for Apple Music, the streaming service’s chief rival Spotify was enjoying a new milestone as the top-grossing iPhone app in Apple’s own app store. The ranking, within the U.S. only, was the first time Spotify rose above its previous high at No. 3, which it hit in early September, according to TechCrunch.

Alas Spotify’s reign atop the gross list was short, and as of Wednesday it is back to the three spot, behind Game of War - Fire Age and Clash of Clans. Over in the iPad-specific app store, Spotify isn’t even the top money-making music app, placing at No. 45 overall behind Pandora at No. 33.

It should also be said that Apple comes out a winner no matter where Spotify ranks in the store. As previously noted (though you may not realize it), Apple takes a 30 percent cut of all purchases within its App store. Spotify, for example, has to charge $12.99/month in the app store to account for Apple’s cut, though if purchased directly it would be $9.99/month. By comparison, Apple Music is always $9.99/month.

In July, Sen. Al Franken sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Federal Trade Commission asking them to review Apple’s policy for possible anti-competitive behavior.