500 Startups - Let It Grow

A still from the video for "500 Startups - Let It Grow."

Courtesy Photo

Arriving a good year and change after the Frozen phenomenon simmered down, a group of Silicon Valley startups have tried to capture that magic yet again with a new parody of the Disney film’s signature track. Set to “Let It Go,” the 28 startups of Batch 13 unveiled a live version of “Let It Grow” at a Tuesday pitch event.

The song includes plenty of Silicon Valley speak, like this:  “Let it grow, let it grow… Don’t hold it back anymore. Viral growth, viral growth… Or get out the fucking door… Here you’ll stay, I’m the one who pays… Let the nerds code on… The sun burns my skin anyway.” Also: “I got fro, I got fro… I’m one with the API… We’re not bros, we’re not bros, but fist bumps will never die… Here we stand, and here we stay… Bring the VC’s (venture capitalists) on.”

Batch 13 startups include Storygami, which lets you embed galleries, blogs and extra videos into your video content; Publishizer, a kind of Kickstarter for book self-publishing; and Kollecto, described as “your own personal art advisor.”

Business Insider has an exclusive clip of the live version, but here’s a studio version that has been on YouTube for months: