The Best Future

Samsung is putting its own spin on the workplace sitcom with the release next month of The Best Future, a six-episode web series about how sweet it is to work at the South Korea-based electronics giant.

According to ZDNet Korea, the hour-long show will tell the story of a young woman who works at Samsung named Mirae, which means "future" in Korean, and her male roommate Chaego -- yup, that means "best." Mirae is played by K-pop singer Mina, of popular girl-group Girl's Day, while young actor Seo Kang-joon has been cast as Chaego.

Scenes from The Best Future -- Click here for more from Samsung's blog.

Filming of The Best Future was split between Samsung's headquarters in Seoul and its offices in Suwon. In a blog post, the company described the series as a "Musicom" and said some lines will be delivered in music videos. It will be released on YouTube. Samsung hopes to show young people that working there would be a dream come true.


"We planned The Best Future to create a story that features work, love, and human relationships that those in their 20s and 30s can relate to," a Samsung spokesman told ZDNet. "We expect our company image will naturally show to be that of a young and energetic one that people dream of working at. If many people relate to, the more people watch and relate to the sitcom."

Late last year Samsung released another web sitcom, titled Endless Energy, which tackled the slightly less sexy topics of hiring policy and workplace philosophy.

Here's Mina in the video for Girl's Day's "Darling," released in July: