The folks at MusicMetric have once again put together an interactive widget that shows which acts are the most-talked about at SXSW. In addition to conversation on Twitter, this year’s chart look at conversations on Tumblr.

"The MusicMetric SXSW chart connects to both the Twitter and Tumblr APIs to monitor what artists are being talked about in real time on each platform,” MusicMetric’s Gregory Mead told Billboard.

“It filters mentions of the artist's name alongside a reference to South by South West or any of the shows happening at the festival. For Twitter it looks for tweets and retweets, and on Tumblr it tracks any note, reblog or post mentioning a show at this years SXSW. Then, it takes a moving window of the number of interactions or mentions, and continually re-ranks the artists based on these numbers.”

The percentage next to each artist expresses their share of the total volume of conversation pertaining to artists that are playing at SXSW. While viewing the widget, click the “i” button in the upper left corner for a quick refresh as to how it works.

This data is made available via the Semetric API. The UI has a responsive design that works on mobiles and tablets and polls the Semetric API every 3 seconds. This updates the % displayed on Twitter and Tumblr.

Check it out for an artist while watching their show - you'll see them climb the ranking from the minute they come on stage!