Kickstarter, Popular Crowdfunding Site, Gets Hacked

Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform, today issued an apology to its users after hackers acquired personal information about some of its users. The company says that law enforcement officers informed the site of security breaches Wednesday.

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Hackers accessed phone numbers, mailing addresses, user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords from users of the crowd-fundig site, but CEO Yancey Stickler insists only two accounts showed signs of unauthorized activity.

"No credit card data of any kind was accessed by hackers. There is no evidence of unauthorized activity of any kind on all but two Kickstarter user accounts," Stickler wrote in a blog post Saturday (Feb. 15). "We’re incredibly sorry that this happened. We set a very high bar for how we serve our community, and this incident is frustrating and upsetting."

The post recommended users create new passwords for their Kickstarter accounts and other accounts that use this password.

Stickler added that the company had improved security measures and that it was working with law enforcement closely.

Kickstarter, which was founded in 2009, has helped fund a variety of music projects.  From "American Idol" alumni to DIY bedroom musicians to the million dollars Amanda Palmer famously raised in 2012, the site has become a viable way for musicians to help sustain their careers.

In Hollywood too, over the past year, high-profile projects by Zach Braff, Spike Lee and the team behind "Veronica Mars" have raised millions via the crowdfunding site. This year's Sundance Film Festival felt the Kickstarter effect, with 20 of the fest's films using funds raised through the site.