TuneCore has made public its payout numbers for 2013, touting a 19% increase in dollars paid over 2012, to $121 million in 2013. The digital distribution service has paid out $371 million to its clients across 5 billion downloads since being founded in 2006.

“TuneCore congratulates all our artists on their personal success be it measured in earnings, recognition or by getting their music heard around the world,” said Scott Ackerman, TuneCore president and COO, in a statement. “We’ll continue to build on the momentum we created this year and support artists, managers and labels by expanding on the new initiatives launched in 2013,” continues Ackerman."

TuneCore is also touting its share of associated performers at last year's South By Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas, claiming to represent one-third of the acts there.

The service's co-founders, Jeff Price and Peter Wells, were publicly ousted from the company -- Wells said at the time that he "certainly didn't want to go" -- with little explanation in 2012 before going on to found Audiam, a platform for making royalties from music usage on YouTube, in the summer of last year. TuneCore partnered with INDMusic in November to offer the same service to its customers.

TuneCore's current CEO, Scott Ackerman, previously served as the VP of Customer Care for eHarmony and Orbitz.