Google Invites Play Subscribers Into the Glass Club (Report)

Google has begun sending out invitations to purchase Glass, its augmented reality headset, to subscribers of its Play music streaming service, according to several reports.

The move comes ahead of a planned consumer rollout for the still-in-beta product sometime next year. The invitation to Play subscribers greatly widens the pool of "testers" of the product, which was previously only available to those who sought out and applied for early access and were accepted, and who then paid $1,500 for their devices. (Today's invitees still have to pay for the product.)

The company obviously wants the audio delivery of its product as airtight as possible. In September it unveiled the audio search function similar to the functionality of Shazam or Soundhound. Following that, in early November the company integrated its Play service -- and the audio command "listen to... " -- into Glass' software. The reality of virtual, on-the-go audio computing -- as those who have seen the newly released film "Her" are familiar -- seems closer than ever.