Baboom Music, Kim Dotcom's 'iTunes/Spotify Hybrid,' Comes with Innovative Bells, Whistles (Report)

Kim Dotcom's forthcoming music service Baboom, which he calls an "iTunes/Spotify hybrid," is set to have a beta launch in January 2014, according to an interview with Wired UK.

The service, which Dotcom says has been in development for about three-and-a-half years -- before, during and after a raid on his home and the subsequent and ongoing legal proceedings resulting from it -- is still in development by a team of 22 working from Portugal. Baboom will launch a beta preview in January alongside the release of Dotcom's electronic dance record -- "not techno" -- "Good Time," with the full site to launch a few months later.

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The service, Dotcom says, will pay artists 90% of the revenues from sales of their music, which will be direct from artist to consumer. The structure is similar to Bandcamp, which retains 15% of revenue up to $5,000 in sales, after which their cut drops to 10%.

Most notably, the service will provide artists a way to bring in revenue even when the music is free. Baboom will accomplish this through a unique plugin which will replace the advertisements consumers see around the internet with competitively priced ads served by Baboom. Those impressions will then be credited to the users account, which they can use to purchase music through the service. "It's basically rewarding the user for the ad impressions that they are exposed to every day."

And so the market for music services crowds in ever further; popular streaming service Deezer is set to launch in the U.S. early next year, YouTube's forthcoming service, Xbox's service, as well as Beats' secretive Daisy project. They will join Spotify, Rhapsody, Google Play, Pandora, Rdio, Songza and Muve in the space.

Dotcom is likely to call upon a fair amount of well-known musicians to promote the site's launch when the time comes, as he did with Megaupload shortly before getting arrested. Collaborators on his forthcoming record include Black Eyed Peas collaborator Printz Board and songwriter JD Walker.