ASCAP Celebrates 100 Years with Rich Website

Detail from a photograph of ASCAP's founders in 1914, via

ASCAP is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and it's starting today. With a slick, highly produced new website ( as the centerpiece, the performing rights organization will be presenting users with information on each year of its existence, to be revealed on each day leading up to February 13, 2014.

The website, taking design cues from cutting-edge projects like the Guardian's recent multimedia experience around its NSA reportage, offers users interviews with seminal ASCAP members such as Amy Grant and Bill Withers, integrated Spotify playlists and the aforementioned timeline, the centerpiece of the project. (Today in ASCAP history: World War I began.) As well, a short documentary film has been produced that will debut on the site in the near future.

The site is especially noteworthy considering the typically staid, straightforward design often employed by many industry organizations.

"ASCAP’s story began with a group of visionary leaders coming together to build a sustainable future for music creators and music lovers alike. The ASCAP100 site shows how our unwavering commitment to that mission is as strong today as it has been throughout our incredible history," said ASCAP president Paul Williams in a statement.