Carla Morrison (white shirt, couch right) hangs out backstage at SOB's in New York with her team and band including Gil Gastelum (manager/Cosmica founder), Daniel Cerrillo, Alejandro, Jimenez, Esteban Vazquez and Alejandra Morrison-Hogan (Morrison's sister/stylist).  (Photo: Justino Aguilar)

Mexican-born Carla Morrison, wildly successful in her native country, returned to the 14th edition of the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) this week in New York City. During the “DIY 2.0” panel the songstress revealed “it’s not always about the song,” she said referring to using social media and engaging the audience. Rather than posting music-only items about her work, she often takes the time to address other topics as a way to connect with her audience. She has even posted pictures of puppies.

The Latin Grammy-winning singer, known for romantic pop anthems that have bite for a new generation of music fans, recently recorded her first English-language song as a soloist and released it without telling many people. During her most recent tour she’s been performing “The Truth” and her biggest fans seem to be embracing the love ballad, which pops thanks to the ukulele. “If I had told my managers about the song they would probably have come up with some kind of strategy in releasing it,” Morrison said, who instead wanted to keep her new musical inspiration low-key.

Morrison performed with her band at SOB's as part of the LAMC. Several showcases featured Morrison including a Saturday (July 13) concert in Central Park.  As she left SOB’s with her team, including her manager Gil Gastelum, a group of about a dozen fans surrounded her and would not let her get in a cab without posing for photos and giving autographs. 

Morrison and her band is scheduled to play Saturday (July 13), at the LAMC/Central Park SummerStage Show between 3 to 7 p.m. at Rumsey Playfield entrance (72nd Street and 5th Avenue). The lineup also includes Julieta Venegas and Anwandter.