Sony's Music Unlimited Service Expands to Brazil

Sony Network Entertainment International’s Music Unlimited service is live in Brazil, according to a statement released today by the company. The cloud-based digital music subscription service is now available in 19 countries worldwide.

The on-demand platform allows users to access a catalog of over 20 million tracks from leading and independent labels and works on an array of devices.

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“For about the price of an album per month, our Brazilian customers can now instantly access tens of millions of songs on their mobile devices like Xperia smartphones and home entertainment hardware like PS3,” said Michael Aragon , Vice President and General Manager of Global Digital Video and Music Services at Sony Network Entertainment International, in a statement.

In recent years music platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, Muve, and Rdio have all launched in Latin American markets.

During Billboard’s recent 2013 Latin Music Conference's Alternative Wave Lengths: Digital Satellite and Beyond panel, Mathieu Le Roux, Managing Director of Deezer in Latin America, discussed the need for musical expansion in Latin America and it’s growing popularity in levels of user engagement “Out of the ten most musical countries where you can say people are the most engaged, looking for music, five were in Latin America; so we have a sense that music is a very, very strong part of Latin American culture,” stated Le Roux.

Another panelist Baigh Acuna, New Markets Lead for Spotify Latin America, also mentioned the importance of having services like Spotify in Latin America because of music’s expanding cross-cultural presence. “It’s very important to have presence there because U.S. Hispanics see what Latin American people are consuming and the other way around," he said, "Latin America is looking at what U.S. Hispanics are consuming, so it is very important to have presence in both sites,” Acuna said.