Weird Merch: The Supercrime-Fighting Potential of Ocarinas?

The Weirdest Merch

With 'Weird Merch,' we usually focus on the oddball ephemera that bands have decided to slap their name on, not the instruments with which weirdo bands of the future will namecheck as their starting point. Such is the case with today's piece of marketing glossolalia: Officially licensed superhero ocarinas.

The instruments will be marketed and sold by St. Louis Ocarina -- who, yes, have a "Zelda" version -- in five distinct flavors: Spiderman, Thor, Wolverine, Captain America (pictured above) and Iron Man.

"We want to give fans of Marvel Comics a way to bring their passion for Marvel's super heroes to life through music and the ocarina," says Dr. Dennis Yeh, Director of the St Louis School of Music and founder of STL Ocarina in a statement.. Fair enough.

St. Louis Ocarinas and Marvel, owner of the characters it has licensed, will also be holding a competition for ocarina-slash-comic book fans -- the winners' entries will determine the next round of superheroes to be honored with their own round of ocarinsanity. What better time for a resurgence of Piper? (We're secretly hoping Image Comics gets in on the game too -- how great would a Savage Dragon or a Maxx ocarina be? Don't answer that.)