The Panel

Marcie Allen
Founder/president, MAC Presents

Lori Feldman
Senior VP of brand partnerships & music licensing, Warner Bros. Records

Marcus Peterzell
EVP of entertainment, Ketchum Sports & Entertainment; head of Ketchum Sounds

Bozoma Saint John
Director of cultural branding, PepsiCo

Russell Wallach
President of media & sponsorships, Live Nation

The video excerpt above is from the Billboard Roundtable on Brands & Music from the latest issue of Billboard. Pick up this issue here to read the full-report.

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In part three of Billboard's Brands & Music Roundtable video series, our panel considers the marketability of Miley Cyrus in wake of her controversial performance at this year's VMAs and also reveal which platforms and resources they use to discover music to potentially partner with brands.

With sponsorship spending on music festivals, events and tours expected to reach a record $1.3 billion in 2013, according to analytics firm IEG, Billboard gathered five thought leaders -- MAC Presents' Marcie Allen, Warner Bros. Records' Lori Feldman, Ketchum Sports and Entertainment's Marcus Peterzell, PepsiCo's Bozoma Saint John and Live Nation's Russell Wallach -- representing key sectors of the branding and music industries to the Billboard studio in New York to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the future. 

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