Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’: A Timeline of the Global Teaser Campaign

April 28, 2013
Continuing to assert its worldwide appeal, “Get Lucky” becomes Daft Punk’s first single to top the U.K. pop charts.

May 10, 2013

A series of Daft Punk interviews with international media begins to surface, starting with a radio interview on Australia’s Triple J radio station. An in-depth BBC Q&A between the band and dance-music legend Pete Tong appears the same day.

May 13, 2013

Building anticipation for physical release, Daft Punk debut a highly cinematic YouTube video, “Random Access Memories Unboxed.” The 1:41 clip features the pair on a spaceship in full robot getup, opening up the gatefold-sleeve vinyl edition of Random Access Memories; placing the album on a turntable, an audio snippet of album opener “Give Life Back To Music” plays. The internet lights up when Random Access Memories begins streaming on iTunes in full, prompting the following headline on Evolver.fm: “Brilliant: Daft Punk Makes Every Blog in the World Link to Its iTunes Page.”

May 21, 2013
Daft Punk will officially release Random Access Memories on Columbia Records across all formats. Without naming specific estimates, the label expects a staggering first-week sales number based on existing information. “Pre-orders hit ridiculous numbers -- especially vinyl,” Greer says. “The vinyl pre-order alone charted at #3 on Amazon!”

“We spent five years working on this record and focusing on that,” Bangalter told Triple J. “The first step is by releasing it -- we just like to have people experience the record being this focal point. We’ll see next what we want to do.”

The Future
“I think it’s the soundtrack of the year,” says Stringer, who feels Random Access Memories will have an exceptionally long shelf life. He points to “at least four radio records” on the album, including “Lose Yourself to Dance” (another jam featuring Pharrell) and “Instant Crush” (an infectious pop-rock track with Julian Casablancas on vocals), amidst other opportunities. “Licensing and synchs will be dramatic,” Stringer adds.

“To be continued,” Hahn says of Daft Punk’s all-encompassing assault on pop culture via Random Access Memories. “It’s not just about the launch, but the band’s entire creative cycle. There’s more to come -- all kinds of surprises, not just from us, but the audience, too.”