Production Advisors, a New York based branded entertainment company, is set
to open an office in Chicago this June. This will be the third office for the company, which also has an outpost in Los Angeles.

Production Advisors, with nine employees in New York, is headed up by Lloyd
Simon, the first director of business and legal affairs for MTV. The Chicago office will start out with two to three staffers with expectations that it will grow to six.

Production Advisors has been responsible for putting Sting into Jaguar spots, bringing Rhianna, Ne-Yo and Julie Roberts together for Clinque's Happy and, most recently, placing the Boss Martian "Hey Hey Yeah Yeah" in E Trade's Super Bowl spots.

The company points to Chicago artists such as The Changes and The Fiery Furnaces as band to watch.

"Chicago and the Midwest are aggressive about using new and upcoming artists," said Simon. "In terms of getting radio airplay it's difficult to get radio to play your music. From the brand's point of view it [aligning with up and coming bands] gives them a chances to be young and hip," said Simon.