The VIP room at this year's Lollapalooza will be chockablock with brands vying for the attention of performers, their hangers-on and the assorted journalists in Chicago for the three-day festival.

For the third year in a row event marketer BMF Media will be doing its Music Lounge, a VIP room in the Hard Rock Hotel, which is a few blocks from the performance area. The title sponsor of the lounge is Metromix.

Set up on the fourth floor of the Hard Rock Hotel, brands such as Diesel, Café Bustelo, Skullcandy, Eastsport, LifeStyles Condoms, Stanton, Blue Microphones, and Belkin will dispense their products and hope that the artists will pose for a photo holding the merchandise.

In addition, the video game Guitar Hero will be set up and MAC will do people's make up.

Brian Feit, chief buzz officer for BMF Media, which has run the Music Lounge for the past three years, says the number of sponsors has grown three fold since its inception.

"We tabulated that last year's Music Lounge title sponsor, Calvin Klein, got $500,00 worth of publicity," Feit said.