Right before the Police played their final song at last night's (Aug. 7) Madison Square Garden in New York, something odd happened.

Lead singer Sting ran shirtless off stage and jumped into a barber's chair. As seen on the giant video screens, two women dressed in black then began shaving his beard while a third manicured on his nails. The whole process took about two minutes, and after they finished he ran back onto the stage and closed the night with "Next To You".

Turns out the women, and indeed the whole apparatus, were from John Allan, a men's grooming club with locations in New York and Chicago. In addition, two John Allan products were also introduced to a large audience: Slick Water, a shaving cream that doesn't require the use of water, and the 63 Series Razor.

Apparently, no money changed hands for the product placement. The event was an effective way for the company to get the message across that its product worked under even the most stressful of conditions, said the founder.

"I think most guys out there are trying to save a step by shaving in the shower," John Allan president/CEO John Allan Meing said. "I don't want to be a promoter of speed shaving, but if this product (Slick Water) reacts the way it did last night, then there may be a step that can be eliminated from the shaving process."

The Police were introduced to the John Allan service by Charlie Hernandez, the act’s tour production manager.