Bob Dylan is for the first time endorsing a line of harmonicas.

Made by Richmond, Va.-based Hohner USA, a musical instrument maker, the harmonicas are called the Bob Dylan Signature Series and feature a machine stamp of Dylan's signature.

"He had some clear ideas on how he wanted the products to look," said Scott Emmerman, director of marketing and sales for Hohner. "He even designed the logo, which resembles a crown."

Dylan has long used Hohner harmonicas on stage and to record but this is the first time he has endorsed the product. In addition to the Signature Series, Hohner will be selling 25 sets of seven harmonicas and 100 individual harmonicas. Each is hand signed by Dylan and both are set to go on sale in

While details of the deal were not disclosed Emmerman said that Dylan would receive a royalty based on the amount of harmonicas sold. He expects to sell about 10,000 units of the Signature Series in the first year.

Last year Hohner put out it's first Signature Series harmonica with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. As for future lines of harmonicas tied to specific musicians, Emmerman said, "We're thinking about Stevie Wonder."