Beta Records is looking to go from the Internet to the television.

The user-generated site devoted to music has produced a half hour program that will begin airing in 140 markets in the U.S. starting Oct. 25. Dubbed "Beta Records TV," the show will have several segments on topics such as high profile artists, record industry insiders, and new artists who are popular on; 52 episodes will be produced.

In addition to being a social networking site, Beta Records is also a record label. It began life as a label late last year and so far has signed three artists to three to four song deals. The company hopes to integrate advertisers into its site, the upcoming television show and a bus that doubles as a mobile recording studio.

David Codikow, producer of the TV show, says the company did not purchase the air time. Instead the show will take over the time slots of bInTune, a music education content provider. As such, Beta Records TV will make sure its shows are free from profanity and vulgarity because of the early hour it will be on in some markets. For example, it will air at 10:30 a.m. in New York on WABC.

"The Web site community, through a system of recommendations, allows the best content to surface," said Chris Honetschlaeger, co-founder and president, Beta Records.