While putting together our first Maximum Exposure list, we compiled literally hundreds upon hundreds of very specific platforms and then had the audacity to recruit 20 experts in marketing and publicity to rate each of them.

We received plenty of feedback -- some of it not printable here. But once we had secured our panelists, the notion we heard again and again was that in reviewing our choices, they felt that they now knew new places to expose music.

That's the spirit with which this list was created, compiled and constructed. Our hope is that it becomes a useful tool -- exposing new platforms, sure, but providing scads of insight, data, contacts and strategies for ones you already know.

There were some surprises. While online channels may one day be the primary means of communication, distribution and promotion, the list demonstrates that despite all the hullabaloo over new media, our experts believe that what is called "old media" -- TV, print, radio -- still provides a mass audience that new media doesn't. What's more, quite a few of the new-media platforms are primarily reacting to old media or repurposing old media.

Click here to read more about the Maximum Exposure list voting process, and how being a magazine cover, getting added to radio, touring and new media have proven to be important platforms in exposing new artists and music.