Honda really wants people to hear what it is saying, but people keep telling it to pipe down.

As part of Honda Civic’s latest campaign from Santa Monica, Calif.-based ad agency RPA, grooves were cut into four roads around the world in order to produce musical sounds when car wheels drove over them.

In Lancaster, Calif., a section of Avenue K has a sign proclaiming it to be “The Civic Musical Road”. When car wheels pass over them the grooves play the overture to the opera “William Tell,” by Gioachino Rossini. The overture is famously used as the theme song to the “The Lone Ranger”.

Grooves were also cut into roads in Japan, South Korea and Holland, according to The Daily Breeze. What tune those grooves played was unknown at deadline.

Residents of the area were displeased when the installation went up on Sept. 5 and complained to officials. As a result the city will pave over the grooves on Tuesday, reports The Daily Breeze.