For most of the summer, Santi White, who records as Santogold, gazed down at the New York Billboard offices from a Converse ad hung high above Astor Place. Her image and her songs seemed to be inescapable-during the course of the last year, she provided the soundtrack to Bud Light Lime, Ford Flex, VO5 hair products, Nokia and Telus Wireless ads-in addition to her visual and musical role in the Converse campaign. Even TiVo users couldn't miss her; her songs appeared multiple times on shows like "Gossip Girl," "CSI: New York," "Entourage," "90210" and "Grey's Anatomy."

Santogold has licensed almost 75% of the tracks from her self-titled debut album and could achieve the Moby-like feat of licensing every song. She's a prime example of the new school of thought on synchs...

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