The Abba Museum, originally scheduled to open in Stockholm in 2008, will instead go on a world tour in 2009, organizers said.

The museum, a compendium of the Swedish group's music, memorabilia, and history modeled on the Beatle's museum in London, is produced by Touring Exhibitions of Stockholm with backing from Parks & Resorts Scandinavia, Polar Music, part of UMG, and Live Nation, among others.

The tour will go to countries and cities with strong Abba fan bases, said Magnus Danielsson, president, Touring Exhibitions, in an interview. "You can definitely expect us to go to the U.K., U.S., Australia, Japan and some European countries."

Due to construction delays the permanent museum will open in either late 2011 or early 2012. The world tour is likely to begin in mid-to late 2009. The entire tour will have a sponsor as well as local sponsors in each city, Magnus said. "With the Abba brand being as strong as it is, there will be plenty of good opportunities for partnerships. It's going to be like going to a musical with people singing and dancing in the aisles."