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Artists looking to grab the attention of ad agencies were given pointers at the “Personal Agency: What Do Agencies Want From Artists?” panel at Billboard’s Music & Advertising Conference on June 15. Representatives from McCann Erickson, The Kaplan Thaler Group, Strike up the Brand, Young and Rubicam, and Zync Music were on hand to discuss the different ways that artists are discovered and campaigns are organized with moderator Michael Paoletta, executive producer of Comma. Below are five ways that an artist can gain an edge with an agency:

1. Narrow down the material you’re sending over as much as possible. “The best way for an artist to approach us is to really make sure that you’re filtering your pitch,” said Zync’s Rachel Jones.

2. Avoid sending songs with long introductions – instead, send full instrumentals, or TV edits of a song.

3. Use metadata when sending a song in order to provide more information and fully utilize what iTunes has to offer.

4. Add as many friends on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook as you can, in order to gain value for potential clients and provide agencies with easy access with your material.

5. Most importantly, you have to have a unique aesthetic, and not one tailor-made for a brand. “Remain true to your vision; don’t worry about how something’s gonna fit [in an ad],” said Young and Rubicam’s Eric David Johnson.