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On the opening day (June 15) of the second annual Billboard Music and Advertising Conference, a mix of artists and industry experts gave their take on the evolving role of branding in the music business. Panel discussions on the needs of ad agencies and the benefits of licensing deals were held along with a presentation by Devo and a keynote interview with Kid Rock.

"I feel like I'm being punk'd!" Kid Rock said as he took the stage at New York's Edison Ballroom to participate in a 45-minute Q&A with Billboard editorial director Bill Werde. The Detroit rock artist talked about his partnership with Jim Beam, his forthcoming album, "Born Free," and how his Michigan-based beer company, American Badass Beer, has become a lucrative endeavor while generating job opportunities.

"I'm helping people out in my state, selling beer and having fun," Rock said. "It's a win-win situation."

Earlier in the day, new wave pioneer Devo and ad agency Mother delivered an irony-laden Powerpoint presentation that discussed the fan involvement in the band's recently released new album, "Something For Everybody." Mother creative director Bill Moulton talked about the importance of focus groups, displayed photos of Devo's far-out billboard signs and promised to stream a cat listening party -- a gathering of 40 cats listening to "Everybody" on repeat -- on the band's Web site.

Other industry-focused panels highlighted the changing ways in which music reaches a mainstream audience. "Personal Agency: What Do Agencies Want From Artists?" featured five advertising representatives discussing different ways an artist can gain attention, while "Hey Kid, You Wanna Be In Pictures?: How To Get Your Music in a Movie Trailer" divulged secrets into the tricky art of movie music. Cotton Inc. and Lexus each offered "case studies" into recent marketing campaigns, and Australian music company Guvera presented a unique new alternative to pirated music.

The Music and Advertising Conference will continue June 16.