Name: Hank Neuberger
Title: President, Springboard Productions
Panel: Sept. 16 3:30 roundtable: Putting Music Festivals Online: Lots of
Eyeballs + Long Engagement = Impression Heaven.

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What's the last album you bought?
Arcade Fire, "The Suburbs"; Freelance Whales, "Weathervanes"; Phoenix, "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" - at the Amazon mp3 store.

Do you Twitter? If so, how often? What's your Twitter name? And if not, why not?
No tweeting lately. Facebook, yes. My daughter's tweets were so much better and funnier than mine that I threw in the towel.

What's the best use of music in advertising that you've recently seen?
My focus is online, not broadcast: AmEx Zync Card presenting Arcade Fire from MSG and The National from BAM, both on YouTube. Wrigley's 5 Gum presenting Coachella at Facebook, with Jay Z and Beyonce live, plus 50 other artists. Engagement times were off the chart.

At this moment in time, what most worries and encourages you about the music business?
The bad news: The ISPs' continued unwillingness to discourage piracy, and protect artists and creativity. It'll take legislation. The good news: People love music, especially live music. The mid-size venue sector is healthy. It's like 1965. Independents who are nimble and smart will rule.

What is the most significant moment in the history of music and advertising?
Dunno. But I kinda miss jingles. Well, on second thought, maybe not.

Beatles or Stones?
All roads lead to the Beatles. But truth be told, I've been a Stones guy since 9th grade.

-- Ann Donahue